Today’s jokes 15 February 2014 …

Some of my old jokes!

Bear Tales

Funny jokes being shared around today we all need to laugh some more …

Come here often Come here often

Seating .

0000000000 .

6ad38a04-ed09-4313-a43b-bd9f2f7eddaf .

12095_626591377413472_1607631481_n The guy who wrote this didn’t survive Valentines day either

1604434_644912098879582_373471998_n The cat didn’t think much of Valentines day.

1619276_626327374106539_1259485505_n .

1779359_625868890819054_796865232_n No comment I want to survive

1779804_625869017485708_609256521_n .

1782099_10153800791600043_897011301_n .

1932444_626388204100456_846819137_n Yep I bet there are a lot of guys in deep water.

Hope at least one made you laugh.

Bear is laughingBear is laughing

I know you are laughingI know you are laughing

Right Love_Bears_Hunk_Bear-icon 50 pixels

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