Slow cooker red wine and rosemary lamb shanks …


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“If you can’t get enough of easy slow cooker meals, this one is for you! For a long time, lamb shanks were out of fashion, but they’ve made a comeback as everyone realises just what sorts of deliciousness they have been missing out on. This one is amazing, and is so good served either with the potatoes cooked in, or over mash with plenty of the gravy from the pot. Yum!” Source


2 lamb shanks
Olive oil
100ml red wine
1 onion
200g carrots
2 parsnips
150g small potatoes
2 rosemary sprigs
3 bay leaves
250ml lamb stock
1 tablespoon wholegrain mustard
1 tablespoon wine vinegar
Salt and pepper


1. Season the lamb shanks and fry off over a high heat until browned on all sides. Transfer to the slow cooker.

2. Add the red wine to the pan and simmer to burn off the alcohol, add to the slow cooker

3. Fry the onion until soft and golden and add to the slow cooker. Whilst frying prepare your carrots, parsnips and new potatoes and throw them in the slow cooker too.

4. Add the rosemary sprigs, bay leaves, stock, mustard, and wine vinegar and stir. Season well and stir, and cook for 4 hours on the high setting or 8 on low.

5. Serve with mashed potatoes and enjoy!

Hope you enjoy!

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