And this is why Meryl Streep is a legend …

Yep I was right

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I know the rest of the world has had enough of the media reporting the USA elections but Bear thinks you should pay attention to this …

This is why Meryl Streep is a legend …

tumblr_ojhukubcyb1r83d7lo1_500tumblr_ojhukubcyb1r83d7lo2_500tumblr_ojhukubcyb1r83d7lo3_500tumblr_ojhukubcyb1r83d7lo4_500tumblr_ojhukubcyb1r83d7lo5_500tumblr_ojhukubcyb1r83d7lo6_500tumblr_ojhukubcyb1r83d7lo7_500tumblr_ojhukubcyb1r83d7lo8_500tumblr_ojhukubcyb1r83d7lo9_500tumblr_ojhukubcyb1r83d7lo10_500and Donald Trump is an egomaniac.

What is that I hear Meryl Streep is an overrated actor? Didn’t I see that on Twitter? So now the USA President conducts business on social media which is total crap and can’t be believed anyway. Has the world gone mad. 😦

Bear thinks it is going to be a train wreck. I feel sorry for my friends in the USA.


Maybe I am wrong your constructive comments are welcome.

I found this on social media and traced back to here. Please visit their page.

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