Great jokes 6 March 2017 …

Jokes collected by Bear …

6a62d1d90e64141f4aaa8e667bddbf71 8b777199-5e91-4573-8efe-618a7cb48c07 800-year-old-mobile-phone-left-behind-by-aliens-dug-up-in-austria-ufo-hunters a63d32b4-3829-427e-aea6-dcdb10e2a8fe 13669214_1162435990495672_2870480750165858495_n 13686585_10157894056215377_4829187235984464719_n e8bd2ac8-6b3f-4f41-9e12-557fc5aa1247 13872948_10154692784604381_3070894549601875792_n cfc50ffffcb39f2cfcc019fb12b5c369 unknown

Hope you had a laugh.

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