Australian Gina Rinehart launches wagyu brand bound for China’s top restaurants …

“Australia’s richest woman Gina Rinehart is forging new ties with China, hot on the heels of the fierce battle for the Kidman cattle empire which she purchased last year.

Today she launched her wagyu brand 2GR at Warwick in south-east Queensland, with the first shipment of the frozen boxed beef loaded and ready for export to China.

“The cattle are recorded for whole-of-life traceability using their DNA collected at birth and are grain fed on locally produced ingredients,” she said.

“We hope that this shipment will be the first of many in the decades to come.”

This move comes as her Chinese business partner in Kidman, Shanghai CRED, has commissioned the first live export shipment from Australia to China.

Industry experts said it was an indication of Mrs Rinehart’s plans for some of the livestock on the Kidman properties.

For Mrs Rinehart’s boxed beef brand, the 12-tonnes of frozen full-blood wagyu is bound for top-end restaurants in Shanghai and Beijing, where premium steaks can sell for up to $400.”

Source: Gina Rinehart launches wagyu brand bound for China’s top restaurants – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Bear lives in the Warwick area at Stanthorpe and can see it becoming a major exporting region. Particularly now that Toowoomba is going to fly produce direct to China from there. Wellcamp Airport

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