Great jokes 6 February 2017 …

Jokes collected by Bear …

13659148_1147347245337880_2921792865160747515_n 13592190_1146546665417938_71346659317031432_n 13599847_1147347328671205_8234283906023548729_n 13606973_1147346985337906_175866440911936998_n 13599784_1147347212004550_5066743387792609691_n 13681060_1147347402004531_1263943964068515422_n 13680904_1147347372004534_6638369610781896912_n 13600314_1146546815417923_4561887609269641581_n 13620932_10157818129845377_3964296419037040247_n 13590311_1146546778751260_4190501536337917685_n

Hope you had a laugh.

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