The complete whacko …

Sorry USA this guy is a complete ?Whacko as we say in Aussie. If he doesn’t want to deal with Aussie fine no one from the USA comes to Aussie and we won’t go there that’s totally fine. He is a coward says one thing on the phone and then like a child makes comments on Twitter which we don’t use. Complete clown be a man and tell us you want because you seem to change your mind daily. We are telling our politicians not to trust the USA and to distance ourselves from this crap.

Planes and troops home now let them deal with the terrorists themselves.


Got it USA we don’t want your crap here we don’t care!

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5 thoughts on “The complete whacko …

  1. Dave Diefenderfer

    I do not your being critical of our president, I am going to stop getting your stuff, it is no longer Funny.

    I am sure many other Americans will do the same thing.

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  2. Robert W

    How can you have such a backward country that you don’t have twitter? You are what we lovingly in this country (USA) call a FUCKTARD. I hope you distance yourself all the way back to the island prison that you are. And oh yea, you can’t even keep a reef safe and you are worried about something that is none of your business. Shut the fuck up asshole.


    1. Bear Post author

      All you supporters of Trump can do is abuse people so sad! As for the reef it is being damaged by climate change, warming of the oceans caused by industrial nations like the USA China and India. So stop polluting the world please.

      Unfortunately we can’t isolate Aussie from the rest of the world however much we would like to have nothing to do with the USA crap.


  3. Back Road Scholar

    America, our next door neighbour, is full of good people. Unfortunately many now live in fear created by their media and almost half reached out to an idiot that claimed he can protect them. Now that he is in control almost two thirds realize their mistake but there is little they can do under their system. Of the their that still support him a large majority do so just because he is from their party and it is the party that matters not the man. Do not condemn the US feel sorry for them, as you can see from the comments above many are scared of the outside world. Scared of terrorist in a land where infants kill more people with guns.

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