What’s the big deal about Australia Day January 26th? …

Bear and his friends don’t celebrate Australia Day because it is on January 26th!

What we celebrate with all Australians is the wonderful home that we have and look to the future for what we can do better so that all Australians can have a good life. What real Australians don’t like is people who try to inhibit those ambitions.

Please watch this video …


Should we change the date by all means my suggestion is January 1 Federation but then more people are complaining they will have one less public holiday! LOL:)

Bear and his friends don’t “GET OVER” things that have have happened in the past. Concentrating on one particular issue and holding marches is divisive and non-productive.

We all remember …

  • how badly convicts were treated
  • the treatment of aboriginals
  • the treatment of Aussie soldiers at the hands of British commanders
  • the treatment of Aussie soldiers (my father and friends) in the hands of the Japanese
  • the treatment of orphans in the care of church organisations

just to name a few!

We were not alive then and don’t understand the mentality of the people of that time nor can we change it. But we don’t forget hopefully that knowledge will lead to a better future. We are not getting over it!

Bear thinks it is not the date that is important. A far bigger issue is that we learn from the past.

The important thing is that “ALL AUSTRALIANS” celebrate our wonderful country and achievements to look to the future. Let’s see what we can do better.



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PS: Bear has English and original Australian ancestry. I have lived in the Kimberley for 10 years and had close contact with Aboriginal communities. I still have Aboriginal friends who celebrate Australia Day.


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