Beautiful Mount Fuji 2017 · 4K shooting – haruyuki onoue …

美しき富士山 2017・4K撮影

 Amazing this should be shared great quality …

“Symbol and Fuji · Mt.Fuji also say Japan’s many tourists from overseas as well as Japanese is also the world’s cultural heritage has come to see Mount Fuji, to shoot the Fuji full of such appeal on January 6 I went, but I was able to experience the splendor of Mount Fuji to luckily Iridescent clouds also appear after a long time.

Don’t forget to click on the settings wheel and select the best resolution that your system will display. Full screen viewing is good!

So beautiful!

Smile gif

Hope you enjoyed あなたが楽しんだことを望み.

Visit haruyuki onoue on YouTube for many more I love the videos. はるゆき おのうえ

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