Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park USA in 4K Ultra HD – Amazing Places on our Planet …

This is spectacular I am sure you will love it also …

I follow Amazing Places on our Planet on YouTube and he publishes some amazing videos.

Great video with stunning images and I am sure you will enjoy.

Don’t forget click the settings wheel and adjust for the best resolution your system will display. Watching in fullscreen is good.

“Witness the stunning scenery of Monument Valley, located on the Arizona–Utah border, source of some of the most iconic images of the United States and the West.

Locations of the views: Visitor Center at Lookout Point – Sunrise (0:01), Valley Drive (0:18), Mittens (0:23, 6:35, 9:42), Totem Pole (1:56), View over the mesas and buttes of Monument Valley from Hunts Mesa at Sunset (3:44) and Sunrise (5:33), Agathla Rock (6:30), Mystery Valley (7:05), Teardrop Arch (9:25), Mile 13 (9:47).” …

Hope you enjoyed and had a look at some of the other great videos.

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