Autumn leaves and fallen leaves are beautiful Kawanakajima Battlefield 4K shooting – haruyuki onoue …


 Amazing this should be shared great quality …

“Warring States period, the Battle of Kawanakajima that Uesugi Kenshin and Shingen Takeda fought around the rule of Kitashinano the drama of NHK <heaven and earth> and <Furinkazan> Even in such a situation is reproduced, Kawanakajima Battlefield is at that time, also it has current theory with than Takeda’s Honjin there was a straight fight between placed Kenshin Uesugi crowded with tourists as a historic park.

Don’t forget to click on the settings wheel and select the best resolution that your system will display. Full screen viewing is good!

So beautiful!

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Hope you enjoyed あなたが楽しんだことを望み.

Visit haruyuki onoue on YouTube for many more I love the videos. はるゆき おのうえ

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