Christmas jokes 2016 …


Is it time for the Christmas jokes?

15241395_820534371422954_1031495820810685246_n 15242035_1302913636447906_2304338845760005699_n 15135733_1230840370292554_3113432091761661207_n 15232323_1302570446482225_2406244224614581482_n 15267562_1629703673801226_246179466775887227_n 15192536_1298103893595547_3897291822306095646_n 1465347_504731876303393_1928514769_n 154968_10151146820592687_1627162997_n 15230572_2987641341283036_3751442579184304947_n 15085608_1238409106216318_6208185483067710897_n

Hang on breaking news …


We are laughing

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