Refugee problem …

What are your thoughts on this?

This should encourage some discussion!

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3 thoughts on “Refugee problem …

  1. BJ

    The first meme is built on a false premise. A more accurate analogy would be, here’s a bowl of skittles. Someone might try to create some poisonous skittles but we have had multiple inspectors from different companies inspect each and every one of these skittles in the bowl. Want some?

    As for your second cartoon, this simply shows why it is important to allow in those who have been vetted. I cannot speak towards Australia, but I know in America the most likely way for a terrorist to get in would be by sneaking in from Canada or Mexico. If America does not allow real refugees to come in through legitimate means they will also try to come that way. By allowing them to come in via legitimate processes the market for illegitimate smuggling dries up and it is more difficult for illegitimate people to use it. All the rhetoric against allowing in refugees only makes America less safe, not more. Like I said, I cannot speak to Australia but I am willing to bet that the same could be said for them as well.

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    1. Bear Post author

      Thank you. I would like to add that most people in Australia would like to help but there is a financial aspect. Australia desperately needs infrastructure if it is to remain a place where people would like to come to and live in. Also there are a lot of people in need here who are not being assisted. Just saying!


      1. BJ

        If no one ever helped their neighbors until their own house is perfect, there would never be a kind act done anywhere in the world. Tell me, do you think Australia’s infrastructure is better or worse than Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon? Those three countries have each taken over 1.5 million refugees. In at least one of these, this has contributed to a local disruption to the point their own citizens are also starting to become internally displaced. If Australia (and the West) does not do more it will be like dominos with an ever compounding problem.
        Again, I cannot speak to Australia’s situation but if they are anything like the US and UK, the assistance is there in plenty for those that need it, the problem is that they have too little knowledge or too much pride to access it. (Or fight their way through the bureaucratic loopholes by which it is guarded)



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