WALMARTIANS amazing as usual …

Been sharing images of shoppers at Wal-Mart and there have been millions of views and thousands of comments.



My friends keep sending pictures to me and I keep collecting them from other sites so I have to share …

IMG_8311125147986 5991TX 1017427_10151879237371459_805885059_n 1625683_10151876028991459_494159116_n 1656257_10151882160846459_780409015_n 1656347_10151864143331459_1291937888_n 1780891_10151875889286459_336879923_n 1898256_10151880589311459_78577638_n 1904171_10151863930986459_2053709401_n 1970385_10151875710671459_27194144_n

A friend contributed this of a Kansas Walmartian …

Kansas Walmartian

I am amazed and intrigued as usual.

Please comment if you wish (keep it constructive) and you can submit photos anonymously to Bear Tales.

Bear is laughing

Bear is laughing

Still laughing

Still laughing

Source: Visit … People of Walmart and thanks to the people that have sent me images.

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