The Latest Crop of WALMARTIANS again and again …

My “friends” kept sending images of shoppers at Walmart. So I posted them. Seeing so many of you viewed this post I thought I would share some more. Sorry I am so fascinated as we don’t see this in Australia very often. They are not real are they all Photoshopped. But they keep being posted.

These are from … People of Walmart

View the following gallery if you must click a photo to view slide show …

Please if you wish to view more go to … People of WalmartI am suitably impressed and amazed !!!



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8 thoughts on “The Latest Crop of WALMARTIANS again and again …

  1. chezmadeline

    Thank goodness I haven’t seen anything to this extreme in the Walmart where I occasionally shop. I do think the people that shop there look very strange indeed…it’s scary.


  2. Vicky

    I find this really sad. Why would you feel the need to ridicule people so publicly for the way they look? If you went out wearing something that had an unfortunate stain and you didn’t realise it, or clothes that didn’t fit you well, would you rather someone pointed it out to you subtly and politely, or no-one said anything to you, or someone went and posted a pic of it online?

    And please don’t fall back on the excuse that “I’m just posting what people send me”. It doesn’t make any difference whether you took the photo yourself or not, you’re still doing your part in the public ridiculing.


  3. Cindy Whitlock

    This is what’s happening to the society our politicians and we are building. Commercials convince people to buy cheap, chemically laced food either over processed low nutrition, high fat, high sugar or from China. This translates into what the bodies and mental state these people have developed. The clothes are from China, who knows what kind of chemicals they’re laced with. Get jobs back here, STOP buying anything that’s not manufactured or grown HERE.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE. Put your money into locally grown whole foods, or the price you pay may be you in these photos.



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