French photographer Laurent Schwebel …

I received this in an email and was saddened as I had not seen the news of his death. I love great photography know I have seen and enjoyed his amazing images in the past.

“Sad loss of this extremely special photographer.  French photographer Laurent Schwebel, 52 years old, was stabbed and killed and his camera robbed while he was taking pictures in  Buenos Aires. A naturalist photographer, he was born in 1959 and in the  Alsace region of eastern  France and killed on February 8, 2012, in Plaza San Martin, Retiro,  Buenos Aires.  He worked as a geologist, naturalist and photographer guidance of a French travel agency specializing in travel naturalists.  Attached are some very interesting photos …”

Please click an image to view slide show of his incredible work …

I hope you enjoyed the slideshow and that in a small way it does his wonderful work justice.

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3 thoughts on “French photographer Laurent Schwebel …

  1. roberta teller

    I had never heard of Laurent Schwebel before reading this post. And while I am deeply saddened at the loss of this brilliant photograhper’s untimely dealth, I am grateful now to have been introuduced to his incredible body of work. Thank you.


  2. Prof. Juan Antonio Gonzalez :.

    In homage to his accomplishments, I would like to use one of his pictures as a book cover
    for a book of poems.



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