The Latest Crop of WALMARTIANS …

My “friends” (thanks Brian) keep sending these images. To be honest I haven’t seen anything like this in Australia and continue to be amazed. Of course I have to share them with you.

The comments are not mine!

PLEASE PREPARE YOUR EYES it’s hard to believe … they have gotten worse!


clip_image001I’m ticked off… and I have a scooter.


clip_image003Excuse me while I pour bleach in my eyes!!!

clip_image004OMG, he’ll catch his death of cold!

clip_image005If this was Arizona  I bet they were done in 5 minutes.

clip_image006“It looks like Otto is getting forgetful again.”

clip_image007Now what the hell is HE doing???

clip_image008She said she wore a size 4, and by golly she wasn’t lying.
Just glad she didn’t turn around!

clip_image009Let’s see…6’10” tall, and he goes out of the house wearing THOSE shoes!

clip_image010Proof that the devil is married, ’cause here’s his wife!!!

clip_image011No comment.


clip_image013What’s he doing with his right hand? And how d’ya thinks he smells?

clip_image014The red hat and purse bring out the tones in his skirt.

clip_image015Huge breasts, shaved head, hairy arms. Is it a shemale?

clip_image016Is that pink underwear???  And is that a MAN???



Just resting the girls?

clip_image018Please pass me that bleach…

clip_image019Is it just me, or did this gal simply not wear ANY pants to the store???

clip_image020Momma, I gotta borrow your moo moo and shoes if you want me to go get you a snack.

clip_image021I think that’s two different boots.

clip_image022The bleach, please…

clip_image023What’s that on her head?

clip_image024Uummâ eeewww?

Can’t wait to see what he pulls out.



clip_image027OMG! I think I sharted!

Are you suitably impressed !!!

Please comment if you wish (keep it constructive) and you can submit photos anonymously to

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That's crazy

That’s crazy





1,354 thoughts on “The Latest Crop of WALMARTIANS …

  1. vmsmithe

    What does this have to do with Wal-Mart? Do you geniuses think these people disappear into a puff of smoke as they pass through the exit? You can find these people in ANY named store, if you sit and wait long enough.


    1. Bear Post author

      Gee do you think it might be because they are at WALMART? Incidentally people like this no matter which store they are at have now been labeled WALMARTIANS.LMAO 😉 Happy waiting!


    2. Bill

      What it has to do with Wal Mart is the un-godly truth that current and former employees go through every day. Some women I worked with carried pistols in their purses or bra holsters. No matter the manager, Bentonville forcefully reduced safety and integrity of their stores Nationwide. Even cart handlers have been killed. In the eight years I worked for Wal Mart, I called the National Hot Line for Exploited and Abused Children nine times ! While they seem to prefer the hours of 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM for their unconscionable behavior, Wal Mart refuses to reduce it’s hours and continues to suffer losses of over $1 million a month in many of their store, or greater !

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Anthony B. (@PoliticalAnt)

    I don’t go to Walmart often but when I have,I have never seen people who look like this. Maybe it’s because I live in Missouri? Anyway,these people are just beyond the pale,especially the woman who had pooped herself. I feel sorry for her but did she not know she had done that? If she did,she should have left that store immediately. If she didn’t,she is in really bad shape. Poor woman.


  3. Maureen

    I think the poop pants lady and the no pants lady are the same lady. She was trying to avoid offending someone so she took them off. LOLOLOL


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