Two statues …

Two statues stood in a park for years and years, one male, one female. For season after season, people from all over would come to the park, and marvel at their beauty and artfulness, and they brought smiles and joy to thousands.
One day, an Angel descends from the heavens, stands before the two statues, and claps his hands. Suddenly the two statues spring to life, and look around bewildered.
“I have brought you two to life, for the great service your have done for this community and the world. You bring such joy and happiness, that you can live among the world for 30 minutes, to do whatever you please,” said the Angel.
The man and the woman look and each other, blushing, before grasping each others’ hands and sprinting off to the bushes. After twenty minutes of giggling, strange noises, and breaking twigs, the couple emerge from the bushes, flushed and smiling.
“You still have ten minutes,” said the Angel, smiling.
So the man turned to the woman and said, “Great! Now this time YOU can hold the bird, and I’LL shit on it’s head.”

Source: Email chain.

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