Facebook, deleting an app doesn’t delete your data from their system

I really don’t subscribe to all this reporting about possible security problems with Facebook. Much of the time I think it is just computer journalists trying to get more hits on their webpage. After all Facebook is trendy. More hits more money.

As long as you are reasonably diligent with settings in Facebook or any other site for that matter you should not have any problems. Unfortunately Facebook settings are rather complex although they have made big improvements. After all what is going to happen to you? It was more insecure for personal information when we all got paper mail. Many times the postal worker put important confidential mail in other people’s mail box for me.

The worse thing that is happening is that a lot of people are not using social media because of all the scaremongering and enjoying what should be a pleasant experience. I really enjoy communicating with people from all over the world. Have made some great friends!

Anyway I am researching the topic for a future article. This has been circulated and I think I should share it. Knowledge is everything.

On Facebook, deleting an app doesn’t delete your data from their system


How to Control Your Facebook Privacy Settings


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