Nokia 808 PureView from Above – What the Earth looks like with PureView

I want and need a new phone. I would like one that has a decent camera so it is always with me to catch things as they happen.

Nokia keep posting these videos on YouTube of their PureView but my problem is that they are not in Australia. On past record the service providers here will take some time to make them available if at all I wonder sometimes.

I still watch and enjoy these videos (and hope). Enjoy.


Published on May 11, 2012 by 

“The breakthrough camera phone technology in Nokia 808 PureView  inspires you to go and capture images of the most incredible landscape on Earth and beyond. We took the Nokia 808 PureView to Iceland in an attempt to photograph the Earth from space.”

Source: Nokia

Available in three colours (red, black and white), the 808 PureView has a 4” ClearBlack AMOLED screen, protected with Gorilla Glass, although its resolution is fairly feeble (nHD, or 360x640px). There’s 16GB of storage on board too, which can be expanded up to 48GB with microSD cards.

But the big question is that of why this technology isn’t been rolled out on Nokia’s new Windows Phones. During a short Q&A after the announcement, a Nokia manager stated that the Pureview imaging technology has been in development “for some time”, before confirming that the company is “planning to bring this technology to other devices in our future portfolio”.

No 41MP cameras on Nokia Windows Phones anytime soon then, but they’ll hopefully arrive soon enough. The 808 PureView is expected in May, and Nokia says it will cost around €450 EUR ($605 USD / £381 GBP) in Europe without a contract when it arrives.



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