Haru Urara: Japanese illustration by Kyoto artist Hiromi Tsuji

“In a special collaboration with Kyoto Fan, Kyoto artist Hiromi Tsuji shares with us the process of creating her beautiful illustrations. In this video we see her paint one of her latest works called “Haru Urara“, a special gift for all the fans of Japan and its culture.”

Here is the finished work.

About Hiromi Tsuji:

Illustration artist currently living in Kyoto Prefecture. Graduated from the Kyoto City Dohda Senior High School of Arts; Western Painting Department. Graduated from the Kyoto University of Art and Design; Visual Communication Design Course.

In her works we can appreciate traditional costumes such as the Japanese Kimono and the Vietnamese Ao dai, combined with a modern sense in her own thematic: “Bijin-ga” or “Beauties Painting”. Nowadays she draws illustrations for Kyoto related event posters, for books and for magazines about traditional Japanese weeding. Lately, she has been working on the design of furoshiki and Japanese traditional clothing accessories.

The patterns of Satou-Gashi and Tanpopo-Michi are used as original designs in Furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth) currently on sale within Japan.

Her illustrations are handmade; she uses opaque acrylic paint and brushes.

You can check out another works by Hiromi Tsuji on her website.


Source: KyotoFan, thank you and I refer you to the links as this is copyright material.


3 thoughts on “Haru Urara: Japanese illustration by Kyoto artist Hiromi Tsuji

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