Quote for the day Monday 29 August 2016 …

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Facebook has banned us …

2016 - 1 (4)

the wife is not amused

No frog

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Eat less and less crap …

Eat less crap drink water no crap food …


am I helping.

You people eat crap food what is wrong with you? You eat fat no nutrition.

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Today’s jokes 28 August 2016 …


Collected by Bear especially for you …

a_little_belowthebelt_humor_for_those_with_dirty_minds_640_28 775c8bf049774f81618fc33eb55d105f Cell tower 10526179_828651713885496_604948825684103186_n Bizarro Comic Strip for March 22, 2016 - Comics Kingdom 2016-03-23 13-18-14 79f6a38d578f0f5819c06bbfb2c81055.600x 12219349_1713482782272130_3866035994182362213_n 16 - 1 (24) FB_IMG_1458759929398 2016 - 1.jpgacting age

Hope you had a laugh

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Quote for the day Sunday 28 August 2016 …

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These are really dirty drawings …

Add you thoughts please

Bear Tales

Shared by Bear Tales follower Ed.


These are so X rated I did not know whether to share!

But we should see everything that is happening in this world …

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Are you drunk sir …

I wasn’t driving!

Good luck on the road people.


How did he get a license to drive?

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