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women deserve a little bear

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Huascaran National Park, Peru in 4K Ultra HD – Amazing Places on our Planet …

This is spectacular I am sure you will love it also …

I follow Amazing Places on our Planet on YouTube and he publishes some great videos.

huascaran national park, peru in 4k ultra hd
“Amazing views of snow-capped peaks, glaciers and turquoise lakes in the Huascaran National Park in Peru, part of Cordillera Blanca and the central Andes. The park is the highest tropical mountain range in the world, reaching height of 6,768 meters (22,205 feet). UNESCO World Heritage Site. Filmed over 4 days at the following locations: Puya Raimondii viewpoint (0:01), Pastoruri Glacier (0:33), Laguna Chinancocha (2:28), Lake 69 trek (2:48), Querococha (6:04), Lake Parón (6:20).

Recorded August 2018 in 4K Ultra HD with Sony AX100.

Don’t forget click the settings wheel and adjust for the best resolution your system will display. Watching in fullscreen is good.

Hope you enjoyed and had a look at some of the other videos.

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Bear’s sensual girls 23 January 2019 …



Bear loves sensual well groomed girls

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I might like this girl as well …


Totally Bear’s type

Well dressed and groomed girls are just so attractive to Bear

Hope you enjoyed

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Crazy videos 23 January 2019 …

These are videos that I wanted to share with friends because they are amazing interesting or funny …




I hope you enjoyed.


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Did you know this 23 January 2019 …



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Great gifs 23 January 2019 …


Must watch gifs collected by Bear please click image to view slideshow …

Hope you had a laugh

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Today’s jokes 23 January 2019 …

Jokes collected by Bear just click an image to view slideshow …

Hope you had a laugh.

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