WALMARTIANS some new images …



Have been saving images of shoppers at Walmart as I came across them. Seeing so many of you viewed my previous posts thought I would share some more.

Please click an image to view slideshow so you can enjoy full size images LOL …

I am amazed by all the images !!!



Source: Visit … People of Walmart



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9 thoughts on “WALMARTIANS some new images …

  1. I’m a Brit, so not too qu fait with this Wal-Mart establishment. I need a little pointer, is it an upmarket kind of place?


  2. For our overseas friends, Walmart is NOT upscale in the least. It’s definitely discount shopping, and does tend to cater to the lower economic brackets. You can get a wide range of products there, from electronics to clothing to automotive needs to sporting goods to clothing to toys to groceries to pet supplies to…….

    I do shop there myself, but I do try to be at least presentable enough to not qualify for the People of Walmart site. :)


    • actually, IN MEXICO, Walmart IS an upscale store.. but NOT ONLY the store, but the customers that attend to this supermarket its waaaay different than in the US, OMG.. theresNO WAY that in MX( at least in my city), that ppl will actually go out like this.. to anywhere ..


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