You know it’s hot when …

This has special significance for us in Australia as we have been experiencing heat wave conditions. When these pictures were sent to me I had to share them with you …









Hope you enjoyed.


Bet you laughed

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Source: Email chain.

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74 thoughts on “You know it’s hot when …

  1. In the UK we’re about to get our annual 12″ of snow. Over the last year the only difference between summer and winter is that in the winter the rain is white.


    • Snow? Do you mean like frozen water, falling from the sky? That doesn’t sound natural to me. Here at 7º30′ S, all the winter I see is perhaps three ice cubes in a glass (where all ice belongs). Usually lightly covered over… ;)


  2. Love the pictures. That is what I love about the internet, all of the interesting things that we would miss seeing otherwise.


  3. I actually saw the traffic cone IRL that was in the picture. Air temperature on that stretch of highway was 135°F that day, and the road surface was hot enough to make my shoe soles a little tacky.


  4. I think this is a very interesting page so if you have something negative to say about it don’t say anything at all


  5. I just viewed this page from Rochester, New York, USA, where it is currently 12°F / -11°C and snowing. I’d love to send you some of our weather in exchange for some of yours…


  6. I loved the photos! I reside in Florida, where Mother Nature is a bipolar, menopausal hussie. Highs in the low 80s on Monday and in the 40s on Saturday. Rain in the middle.


  7. Bipolar menopausal hussy… I like that one! I live in southwestern Ontario. The temperature has been hovering around 0C for the last few days with rain and snow mix… the roads are Slick like puppy shit ;-)


  8. Spring sprung here around NYC, and now they (i.e.- creepy weatherologists) are talking snow tomorrow morning. WTF???


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  10. This is more scary than funny. I mean it’s like poking fun at the crisis the world is coming up/currently in. Oh look animals can act the same way as humans when its hot enough to melt mailboxes and ceiling fans.


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