Quote for the day Wednesday 2 December 2015 …

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Sexy girls with their clothes on …

##........ by Lars van de Goor

Great girls who I call sexy.

Guess what they have their clothes on …

Call me an old guy but this is what I call sexy.

Hope you enjoyed.

۱۹ ه-.ش. - 1

Kid Lifts Up Woman’s Skirt – Just for Laughs Gags …

Must watch funny …

I am laughing so hard! LMAO ;)

Visit Just For Laughs Gags for many more I love them.

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Schnoogle my tribute …

Please excuse while I do a personal tribute to a cat who was very important to me.


Schnoogle a great mate has passed away today!

Schnoogle would sit beside me when Bear Tales was being created so she is half responsible for the garbage that millions of you are viewing. Had her own chair and would quite often express her disapproval at the posts.


Schnoogle was 19 and Bear is really devastated. So sad.

Sad Bear

Hope Schnoggle is happy in cat heaven.


Girl performs some really sexy moves …


This is muscle control …

She can play with my money anytime.


We are laughing