Quote for the day Thursday 11 February 2016 …

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Quote for the day Wednesday 10 February 2016 …

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Boy on park bench …


One day a young boy was sitting on a park bench eating one chocolate bar after another.

An old man walked over to him, shaking his head, and said “Son, eating all that sugar is not good for you. It will give you acne, rot your teeth and make you fat!”

The young boy looked over at the elderly gentleman and said, “My grandpa lived to 107 years old!”

“From eating six chocolate bars at a time?” exclaimed the old man.

“No,” replied the boy, “from minding his own business”.

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Woman Gets Intense Over Massage – Just for Laughs Gags …

Must watch …

I am laughing so hard! LMAO ;)

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Just the facts …

Shared by Bear Tales follower Leslie.

These are good must view.

Please click an image to view slideshow …

Hope you enjoyed.


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